Black McCuskey Hosts Workplace Campaign for ArtsinStark

ArtsinStarkThe firm recently held a workplace campaign to support the ArtsinStark annual campaign.  In addition to donations provided by individual employees, events were held throughout the week to encourage employee participation.  Dollars generated from the events were counted as donations to ArtsinStark.  They included a variety of themed food days along with a reverse raffle and prize drawings.  The events generated over $400 in donations.  In total, Black McCuskey’s donation to ArtsinStark was over $6,300.

ArtsinStark’s campaign goal for 2014 was $1.75 million.  Not only do they raise awareness about the arts, they utilize their funds to reinvest in the community.  Specifically, ArtsinStark invests $1.2 million each year in arts programs that reach 200,000 people.  They have helped transform downtown Canton by expanding the arts district and they have produced over 80 First Fridays.  For more information about ArtsinStark, visit their website at: