Supply Chain & Contract Management Solutions

Our Mission

The mission of Black Ops Strategic Partners is to empower our clients to save money, increase profits, and make informed pro-active business decisions throughout the life cycle of every contract.

Challenge Every Spend

Black Ops Strategic Partners empowers you to identify and implement meaningful cost savings.

We collaboratively create spend portfolios, prioritize opportunities, develop sourcing strategies, and implement savings across every department in your organization.

Manufacturing - raw materials, purchased parts, sub assemblies, capital equipment, maintenance, repair and operating supplies
Prioritize the Opportunities
Develop Sourcing Strategy and Go To Market
Implement Savings
IT - printers, servers, personal computers, mobile devices, software and services
Human Resources - temp labor, benefits, catering, training, and uniforms
Logistics and Transportation - warehousing, air/ocean/truck transportation, and third party logistics
Marketing - advertising and branding services, printing, signage, business cards, web and social media
Facilities - furniture, landscaping, HVAC, roof repair, electrical/plumbing/carpentry contractors, parking lots/paving and cleaning services
Sales/Service - fleet, travel and entertainment, sales, kickoffs/summits, service tools/equipment, and contracted service providers
Centralized Corporate Functions - professional services, treasury services, insurance and real estate

50% or more of most organizations’ budgets are made up of spend with outside suppliers. We recommend challenging outside spend every 2 to 3 years.



Is your organization optimizing every dollar spent?

We not only find cost savings, but we help you build a sustainable model with spend portfolios and contracts that enable you to consistently and repeatedly challenge every spend.


Challenge Every Spend

  • Strategy and sourcing decisions are always in your control.
  • Our clients have experienced meaningful and material cost savings.
  • Your business means a great deal to your existing and potential suppliers. We frequently see savings north of 20%.
  • Price is important, but price without quality and performance hurts your business. At Black Ops Strategic Partners, we offer more than “3 bids and a buy”. We build Service Level Agreements and your business requirements into the agreements to hold your suppliers accountable.