SBA/Dept. of the Treasure Releases Forgiveness Application

Although the application for the forgiveness of a Payroll Protection Plan cannot be filed until June 30, 2020, the SBA and the Department of the Treasury released the “Loan Forgiveness Application” with the instructions.  You can obtain a copy of the application and the instructions by clicking below.

The application and the instructions are subject to further modification by the SBA and the Department of the Treasury and more modifications can be expected as we get closer to the date for initial filing of the application on June 30th.  Still, the attached application and instructions provide some guidelines for the documentation and information the lending financial institutions will be reviewing as they assess each application for forgiveness.

Should you have questions on any aspect of the Payroll Protection Program, please contact one of the attorneys in the Business Practice Group.

Click the button below for the link to download the application and instructions.